Digital Business Solutions


Silver Lotus is a digital boutique with business solutions for SMEs in the field of digital marketing, digital branding and so much more.
We can help you create a strong, sustainable and unique brand from zero or we can redefine your existing brand, adopting it to current business environment.
Brand is something more than logo. This is visual concept and design that is aligned with your clients needs and expectations both in digital and real worlds. 


In the digital world, the line between sales and marketing is extremely thin. Well-prepared and -executed sales campaigns strengthen your brand, and pure branding activities engage new customers and increase sales base.
That is why it is important to consider the aspects of sales through the prism of the brand and customers.

Silver Lotus consultants will be happy to help you create strategies, scenarios, digital sales and marketing tools.


How to convey the vital facts about our brand, products, company to the customers in digital world?
This questions can easily be answered when we learn, who is the customer and what he/she needs.
There are plenty of communication platforms and channels, but we must find that one, which gathers and engages our target customers to flourish the business.

Silver Lotus will assist you in defining of your target audience and the most efficient ways to reach it.


We will help you to create a website, which will convey the information about your activities to your target audience.

It will be the foundation on which all future communication will be based.


Words have even more power than before.

In today’s realities it is not only important what information you want to delivere to the public. It is of utmost importance to use certain wording, which will inform the search engines what kind of message it is.

Silver Lotus Consultants will assist you to create and manage the content on all levels of communication.


Cybersecurity in the digital era is the most important aspect for all of us. All of us are exposed to digital threads and we need protect our assets against them.
For businesses operating in digital environment the risk of cyberattacks is much greater than in case of individual users.

Protect your digital business with Silver Lotus Consultants.