Silver Lotus is a consulting company with European roots that brings together experienced, international consultants in various fields – from legal issues, through digital solutions, to sales and marketing.
We are here to help flourish your business in this difficult post-Covid times.

We follow a Business Code of Ethics, that puts the best interests and security of the client, their ongoing development and a fruitful business above all else.

All of our solutions are thoughtful and validated by our consultants, who bring great experience in consultancy services in business and marketing advise. 

We are multicultural, multinational, colorful and full of powerful ideas. 


Our mission is advising how to flourish your business, doesn’t matter in what circumstances.
We are here to help you with your business. We are here to educate those who have chosen such a grateful, but difficult and dangerous virtual world as the main path of business development.  
We are here to show you how to exist and be competitive, ecological and safe in the virtual and real world.
Join us to flourish your business!

History of Digital World by Silver Lotus

Silver Lotus was created in 2020 by Iwona Sylwia Gryglewicz and her husband, Wlodek Gryglewicz, both European businessmen living and working in Thailand since 2014.

Before coming to Thailand, Iwona worked in a consulting company for clients such as: Unilever, Fazer, Skanska, Listner, General Electric.
Wlodek chose a different career path, being CFO, CEO in companies from the FMCG and Pharma sectors: Coca Cola, Holstein, Polpharma.

Their Silver Lotus was the response to the needs of SME and international investors looking for better ways of doing business in Thailand during covid and after.
Thailand like never before is an excellent destination for investors with money to spend on: new technologies, agriculture, real estate, tourism and entertainment.
Covid created some opportunities to discover and maybe explore.

We are here to assist you to find the best opportunity for you. Join us to flourish your business!

We chose a tropical island in Thailand, Koh Lanta, at the end of the world for our headquarters, but we work mostly remotely for foreign and domestic clients.
Our island inspires and gives a sense of security that is lacking in the western world today. Here is our extremely peaceful place on earth.
We have plenty of sunshine and good islanders energy to focus all our attention on solving our clients’ problems.

Join us if you need some solution to your problem, situation or issue.